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8daysaweek News

3rd June 2011: Upgrade of Portable Applications for Windows® USB Flash Drive to 16GB USB Key v10.07.  Order the USB Key now, or find out more.

7th July 2010: Release of Portable Applications for Windows on (8GB) USB Key v10.07

Order the new USB Key now, or find out more.

7th July 2010: Release of the 8daysaweek CD for Mac OS® (Intel) v10.07.

This release includes 3.2.1Order the new CD now, or find out more.

2nd July 2010: Release of the 8daysaweek CD for Windows® v10.07b

This release includes 3.2.1.

This is a so-called micro release that comes with bugfixes and improvements, with no new features being introduced.  This release also fixes security issues, so we recommend everyone to upgrade to the new version as soon as possible.

This version is also the first one to be released with the project's new main sponsor, Oracle, and comes with a refreshed logo and splash screen.

25 other programs on the CD have also been updated in this release.  Find out morePlace your order now.

14th June 2010: Additional Stock of K/Ubuntu Pressed CDs

We now have additional stock of Ubuntu & Kubuntu 10.04 "Lucid Lynx" Pressed Desktop (Intel) CDs and have prepared our production runs of the various other CDs.  Order here.

Easy Installers for more programs on the 8daysaweek CD for Windows®

The 8daysaweek CD for Windows includes a custom installer for OOo, making it quick and simple to install.  Although all the software is already simple to install, more easy installers for other programs on the disc will be coming soon.

8daysaweek DVD for Windows®

We've been finding programs we'd like to include on the CD, but running out of space!
We are currently working on an '8daysaweek DVD for Windows®', which will include the applications already available on the 8daysaweek CD for Windows®, plus even more high quality open source and freeware programs.

Other DVDs are also planned for release soon.

When will the next release of [an 8daysaweek item] be?

As release dates have a habit of "slipping" - not ours but those of some of the projects we monitor ;-) - and some projects have a policy of not publishing dates ("It'll be released when it's ready") we don't publish release dates.  However, you can get notification whenever we release a new version of one of our items (see below).

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OpenOffice & Open Source News 3.2

11/2/10: 3.2 was released today.  This is a significant new release with many new features, including:

A full guide to new features is available at here.

Up to date information on OOo Security Vulnerabilities

The Security Team publishes details of security vulnerabilities in their Security Bulletin on the web site.  These alerts will now also be published via a dedicated mailing list.  For more information see:

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Latest Versions

We keep an eye on all the latest versions of the programs included on our discs, so you don't have to.  We always include the most recent release of a program, unless we are aware of any bugs that have found their way in!

The most recent version numbers of all our items are shown in our Shop (Shift + Refresh to ensure your viewing the most up-to-date screen).

For more information about a specific release, please visit the Announcements / Releases / News forum.

How can I get updated when a new version is released?

A variety of ways:

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